Advance Level

This is also the basic course for the beginner students those who have learned the previous Japanese Language. The course duration of this class is +150 hours in total of +6 months course, 5 days a week. Students will be able to speak general Japanese language with the power of more than 2500 vocabulary from the book named Minna No Nihongo II completely and many more additional reference book. Kanji, a chinese script is also introduced in the very short time using the textbook named Basic Kanji 500 Vol. II and after the completion of this class students will be able to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in N4 or the J-NAT Test 3rd level or equivalent in very high ranking. The target of this class is also to introduce Japan and its society, culture, custom, and the trend of Japan through the very interactive Language teaching methodology. We apply direct method of teaching foreign language which is more effective than bilingual method that are mostly used in Nepal.